Adding the volume of Hair extensions for girl

Most {packs|packages|provides} come with five to seven extensions: one {wide|broad|large} one with four {clips|videos|movies}, a slightly smaller one with three clips, and {three to five|3 to 5} two-clip pieces.
{Steps|Actions|Methods} for Quick Application:
{1 .|one|1 )} Curl your own {hair|tresses|curly hair} with a half-inch {curling|styling} iron to make {loose|reduce|free} haphazard waves. Don't {worry|be concerned|get worried} about perfect curled {locks|hair|a lock}, just {add some|then add|increase} volume.
2. Brush {out your|out the|the} extensions, then curl them. Hold your extensions tightly from the clip {end|finish|conclusion|ending} in your left hand, grab small chunks and curl with the iron {just as|just like|in the same way} you would on my own head. Tip: Find the spot on your {head|mind|brain} where it's easiest to curl your hair, and snap {the extension|recognized} there. {Curl|Snuggle|Crimp} the extension while {it's|it can|is actually} snapped on {your head|the head|your face} and then pop it off so you can move it where you want later on.
3. {Once|As soon as|When} each extension panel is curled, lay them on a flat surface. {This|This particular|This specific} will force the {curl|snuggle|crimp} to set and cool in this shape. {If|In case|When} you are worried about the curl loosing {shape|form|condition} or {want a|need|require a} tighter {curl|snuggle|crimp}, spray a layer of hairspray on the {extensions|plug-ins|extension cables}.
4. Apply the first extension layer with the three clip panel. {Make a|Create a|Produce a} horizontal part across the {back of|back side of} your head from mid-ear to the {opposite|reverse|opposing} mid-ear, then clip the rest of your {hair|tresses|curly hair} up and out of the way. With the clip teeth facing inwards, snap the far right clip {right behind|directly behind} your {ear|hearing|ear canal}, just below {the part|the business}. {Move|Proceed|Shift} over to the {middle|center|midsection} clip and repeat, then to the far {left|remaining|still left} {which should|that ought to} wind up just behind your other {ear|hearing|ear canal}.
5. Apply the second extension layer with the four-clip panel. {Begin by|Start by} {letting|allowing|enabling} your hair down and making another horizontal part. This time from the top {of each|of every|of each and every} ear to the opposite ear top. Follow the same {right to|directly to} left pattern as the previous step until you have the section {centered|focused|based} along your head.
{6|six|6th}. Arrange and clip {the remaining|the rest of the|the} smaller extensions. Put {one in|one out of} the back (behind the {end|finish|conclusion|ending} of your part) {and one|and something|and another} on each {side|part|aspect} of {your head|the head|your face}. Tip: {You|A person|An individual} may need two {pieces|items|parts} underneath a deep part.
7. Smooth and {blend|mix|combination} with a brush. {After all|In the end|In fact} extensions are clipped in, brush out the {ends|finishes|comes to an end} to blend your real hair with the {extensions|plug-ins|extension cables}. If there are any wayward pieces {that need to be|that must be|that really must be} re-curled, do so now. {Hopefully|Ideally|With any luck ,} at this point you won't be able to tell where your {hair|tresses|curly hair} ends and the {extensions|plug-ins|extension cables} begin!
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