New Hairstyles for Women

Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women Over 40 - It's only when girls reach their considerably dreaded 40th birthday do they realise it is not a negative age to be! Actually you could say it's the most effective period in a female 's life.

#36: Classy Cream-Blonde {Bob|Frank|Greg}

This trendy in 2016 collar-bone bob mimics the ideal contours {of its|from the} wearer's face and features {softness|soft qualities|gentleness} in every line and detail: the arched {bangs|fucks|tir}, flipped in front {pieces|items|parts} that meet together under the chin, smoothed {edges|sides|ends} and, of course, the fantastic cream hue of blonde, setting off the blue of the {eyes|eye|sight}.

#37: Minimalistic Bob

{The beautiful|The pretty|The gorgeous} hairstyle in this {photo|picture|photograph|image} promotes simplicity and naturalness of the look. {There|Presently there|Right now there} are no layers, {asymmetric|uneven} bangs or eye-popping coloristic solutions. Only subtle {highlights|shows|illustrates}, side parting and {side|part|aspect} tresses tucked behind one ear. {The simplest|The easiest|The best} shapes often impress the most.

#38: Light Auburn Messy {Curls|Curl}

For a {special occasion|special event|special day} and a tenderer look treat your basic bob with irregular curl. {Using a|Utilizing a|By using a} {flat|smooth|toned} iron, curl occasional {tresses|hair|mane} alternating directions (to {the face|the face area|the facial skin} and away from the face) and leaving the roots untouched like in this picture.

#39: Ultra-Shiny Curled Out {Style|Design|Type}

{It's|It can|Is actually} hard to find {anything|something|anything at all} more beautiful than healthy shiny brunette hair. {An|A good|A great} ultra-shiny finish boosts the effect, while the {dark|darkish|darker} caramel highlights match {the color|the colour|colour} of Gina Gershon's {eyes|eye|sight}. To accentuate the {layered|split} edges of this {chic|stylish|fashionable} medium-to-long haircut, its {ends|finishes|comes to an end} are curled out.

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