How To Do The Bump Hairstyle Beautiful For Women

How To Do The Bump Hairstyle - Big hair continues to be in style often throughout recent years. The design was the bigger the better. The bump continues to be a favorite even now. Bump hairstyle has many names just like the quiff as well as the poof. It may be even worn and worn to dress up a simple design or in a ponytail with the elegant upward do for particular occasions.

Creating Bump Hairstyles

1. Create a bump ponytail. This style works great with a bump positioned near the crown of your head, and can be made with longer or shorter hair (as long as you can fit it into a ponytail). When you section your hair to make your bump, separate your hair into two parts: the part of your hair that you’re going to tease (to make the bump), and the part of your hair that is going to serve as your ponytail base.[11]

    Tie the bottom section of your hair, your ponytail base, with a loose ponytail holder.
    Tease the top section of your hair in small sections from back to front to create your bump, making sure to set each section with hairspray.
    Gently smooth the bump over, and remove the ponytail holder tying back your bottom section of hair. Hold your ponytail in one hand and add the hair from your bump with your other hand.[12]
    Use your brush to gently work the bump hair into the ponytail and even everything out.
    Draw out one piece of hair about ½ an inch thick from the bottom of the gathered hair, and leave it out of the ponytail as you retie your ponytail with the bump hair incorporated.
    Once your ponytail is secure, wrap the loose piece of hair around the hair tie and secure it in place by tucking it into the hair tie. Use hairspray to gently set your style.[13]

2.  Create a braided ponytail with a front bump. This hairstyle puts a unique twist on a regular ponytail, and adds a bit more of an exaggerated bump to your look. First begin by sectioning off the front portion of your hair that will create your front bump. Pin or clip this section of hair out of the way, and pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. [14]

    You can use some gel, shine serum, or hairspray to make sure your ponytail is pulled back sleek and smooth.
    Use a small section of hair from your ponytail, and wrap it around your hair tie to hide the elastic.
    Release your front section of hair and hold it up as you tease it. Pinch this section of hair around your crown area, approximately 3 to 5 inches (about 7 to 12 centimeters) back from your hairline. Twist your hair once, and then push it towards the front of your crown. Secure your bump with two crisscrossing bobby pins. [15]
    Wrap the rest of the bump hair that is hanging out over your ponytail around the elastic hair tie, using a bobby pin to secure it.[16]
    Brush out your ponytail, and loosely braid your ponytail in a three strand braid. A loose braid will make your ponytail look fuller. Secure the end of the braid with a small, clear elastic, or with one that matches your hair color. Gently pull out your braid strands to make your braid appear even fuller.
    Finish your look by lightly misting your hair with some hairspray.[17]

3.  Create a half up bouffant. This hairstyle is great for channeling vintage movie stars from the 60s. A bouffant creates the look of an exaggerated bump with lots of volume, especially for those with long hair. Create two sections of hair: one from the middle-top of your head to your hairline, and one section behind that, from the middle-top of your head, to the bottom of your crown.[18]

    Take the bottom section of hair and twist it around itself until you make a twisted bun with that section. Secure the twisted bun with bobby pins or a thin, elastic hair tie. This will act as the base of the bouffant.[19]
    Separate the front section of hair into smaller portions, and tease each layer (moving from back to front) to create a lot of volume for the bouffant bump. Leave the very last, front portion of hair alone and un-teased, so it can be smoothed over all the teased hair.
    Flip the teased hair back, over the twisted bun, and use a comb to lightly brush back any flyaway hairs. Flip the un-teased portion of hair over the teased hair, and softly smooth your hair out with a brush.
    Use your fingernails to gather hair along the sides of your head, and hold the gathered hair in place underneath the twisted bun. Push your hair forward and upward to create a big bouffant.[20]
    Pinch the hair underneath the bun and use about four to six bobby pins to hold this big bouffant in place. Once in place, gently spray with a little bit of hairspray. [21] Full Articel Click Here.

Source : Fashiongrapher.comHow To Do The Bump Hairstyle